Manufacturing companies of any size are increasingly demanding for automatic systems for the quality control of products to guarantee their customers high-quality pieces. The automated process of quality control, more and more important for manufacturing companies, aims at transforming the control process from subjective to objective this way guaranteeing a much higher quality standard of the products.

By automating the quality control processes it is possible, in a short time, to verify the product specifications, discarding the pieces that do not meet the necessary specifications so that the ones approved can be considered of high quality. Control, thanks to automation, can be made on the totality of production with objective and repeatable criteria eliminating human error and, possibly, enabling to automate the subsequent packaging and boxing steps.

Below are the devices and machines designed for quality control, whether they are devices intended to assist human control or fully automatic machines.

Inspection board for fabrics' quality control.


Machine for the verification of small boilers' seal and contacts.


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