Visiform is a device designed for quality control of tubular fabric intended to assist the work of the staff engaged in this process. The device, powered by a rechargeable battery, is equipped with wheels to be easily moved and due to its LED lighting, it ensures high performances and limited energy consumption.

Through a pedal switch, the operator is able to change the type of projected light which can be white, red, green, blue or ultraviolet. This makes it possible to find both manufacturing defects and stains on any color of fabric.  

Weight ~ 80 Kg.
Dimensions 365x600x1800/h mm
Cycle time ~ 10 seconds
Estimated hourly production ~ 360 pieces
Lights colors White + RGB + UV
Power installed 0.2 Kw
Average power input 0.1 Kw/hr
Voltage 220V 1Ph+N+Ground


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